The official synopsis of episode 84 shows the recruitment of the warriors that will assemble for the team of Universe 7 for the coming Tournament of Power organized by Zeno-Sama. Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu have already accepted entry into the tournament, but there are still seven slots to fill in less than 48-hours.

One of the first warriors Goku thinks of is Krillin, who is at the time is working as a police officer and is thinking of retiring from the martial arts for good.


After apprehending several criminals, Krillin receives the invitation to enter the tournament, so he must now decide whether to accept or not.


Knowing what is at stake, Gohan has decided to help his father in gathering the needed warriors to complete the team, and in order to do so, he will fight Krillin to measure his power level and skills. Goku will be spectating the battle against his son and his old training partner, to properly conclude if the human is up to the challenge.

After the battle between his son and his best friend, Goku concludes that Krillin is more than capable of entering the Tournament of Power and that his skills and power will be a great aid towards achieving victory.

Android 18 also decides to enter the tournament, so that she can also fight side by side with her husband and together protect their family and friends.

What will happen in the rest of the episodes?

Before episode 84 ends, Goku asks about Android 17, and on episode 85 he will have the mission of finding 18’s brother. To reach this goal he will ask for Kami’s help and with his skills, they will finally find Android 17. According to the creator of "Dragon Ball," after Majin Buu’s saga. Android 17 became a forest ranger and adopted a few kids.

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The synopsis of episode 86 tells us that he will finally meet with his sister and tell her about his sons.

On another subject, and focusing on what may happen in the Tournament, we know that Toppo and Jiren are the strongest warriors Universe 11 has to offer, and it is rumored that Hit will face Toppo and that he wishes to face Goku after everyone else has been defeated.

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