Goku’s intentions are truly evil. Toppo is the leader of a huge squad of justice warriors and is always fighting against evil beings. Thrilled to see how strong Toppo is, Goku accepted the challenge and is ready to fight with all his power. But according to the official synopsis of episode 82, Daishinkan Sama will intervene in the battle and stop it, postponing it to the day the Tournament of power will be celebrated.

Let’s analyze what we will see in the next episodes

In episode 83, Bulma and Vegeta’s daughter Bra will be born, and all of Earth’s warriors will be gathered at Goku’s request.


There he finally will tell everyone about the Tournament of power, and Bulma will ask both Goku and Vegeta to win it so that they can guarantee the safety of their families. There, the Prince of the Saiyans promises that he will fight for the safety of his daughter, showing us something that is not quite normal in his behavior (but already seen at Majin Buu’s saga.) He will put his pride aside, and fight on someone else’s behalf.

In episode 84, Goku will visit Krillin to invite him to participate in the Tournament of power.

Krillin will accept the proposal to protect his family and Android 18 will join the team as well so that she can fight alongside her beloved husband. In the meantime, Gohan begins his training with Picollo.

And finally

In episode 85, Goku seeks for final element of Universe 7’s team. The chosen one is no other than Android 17, 18’s brother but the Saiyan fails to find him, so he travels to The Lookout seeking out Dende’s help. With Kami’s help, Goku finally finds Android 17 and invites him to join the team that will represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power.

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Daishinkan Sama said that in the tournament all the warriors will fight at the same time in a gigantic arena and those who step away from it will be disqualified. Rumors are that at least six Gods of destruction will plot together to defeat Universe 7’s team.

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