Dragon Ball Super’s 22 release of the manga has shown us many relevant facts that were never seen in the anime before.


1) Vegeta transforms into SS Red, and each time he wishes to hit Black, he reaches the Super Saiyan God stage.

2) Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Red when he faced Hit.

3) Goku was the one to perform the Ma-fuu-ba

Next we will narrate a fragment of manga 22.

Trunks is excited to see Goku’s confidence in winning the battle. While the protagonist of the series takes out a capsle, he tells Trunks that within it there is a jar that he will be using to seal Zamasu for good.


Trunks is also filled with hope as he sees his father Vegeta winning his battle. Goku tells him that the Prince of the Saiyans has transformed into Super Saiyan God, and that it is a previous stage to the Super Saiyan Blue.

Even though he sees his father taking the upper hand in the battle, Trunks cannot understand why the Super Saiyan God transformation of Vegeta is stronger than Black’s SS Rose. Goku explains that is all part of a deception strategy in which each time Vegeta is about to land a strike, he briefly transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to strike with increased power, then rapidly detransformes into Super Saiyan God again.

This way he saves energy while striking with the same strength of a Super Saiyan Blue, preventing the stronges transformation to deplete his ki at a faster rate.

As Goku reveals Vegeta’s strategy, Trunks finally understands why Black is no match for the Prince of the Saiyans. At the same moment the Supreme Kai asks Goku if he used the same strategy when he faced Hit in the tournament organized by Beerus and Champa. Goku answers that he did, but at that time he had to use the SS Blue stage for longer time.

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Back at the battle, and as he finally understands why is he losing the battle, Black regrets the fact that he is not as strong as his enemy. Vegeta tells him that it took too much time to realize why was he losing, and that now there is no way he could win. At that time, Zamasu surprises Vegeta with a great kick and tells Black that together they will defeat the Prince of the Saiyans.


Goku decides to seal Zamasu and tells his enemy to not interfere in the battle of two proud Warriors because that is a sacred battle.

Zamasu accepts Goku’s challenge and agrees to fight just because he is immortal.

Thanks for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!