A few hours ago, have revealed interesting facts about the new chapter of the series of "Dragon Ball Super", which is numbered 83 in which you can see that appears the return of Bra, who is known in the predecessor series of "Dragon Ball GT "in which his father Vegeta was very jealous but he has certainly managed to surprise with his power in the blue God phase.

Bulma is pregnant?

Many were confused if in fact the creator "Akira Toriyama" had been wrong since he had never seen a girl in the anime series, since he affirms that romance is not his thing to draw and give life to a Character as the class that is Goku.

Now for the first time we see Bulma and Vegeta very happy because she is already in her pain and she needs to play to avoid contractions that makes a baby of this size.

The power that Bra will make will be the second Saiyajins that will inhabit the Planet Earth and the Universe 7th in which she will share friendship with her cousin Pan, since they are two women of the Sayians race, the inhabitants of planet Earth [VIDEO] are very happy since This represents a new life as well as for the other members since there is hope that everything is a happiness and thus can live without the danger of being killed by some villain.


Additional information

Vegeta to see that everything has gone well decides to go to the time capsule, in order to be able to train at great scales and to take out his new phase of the "Saiyans Red", which lately is a great novelty in most countries since this was revealed By the alternative history of the manga, which has surprised many since the phase 3 was not necessary since it was a loss of energy as well as skills since it made it slower and thus the opponent to take advantage and be able to kill him.

The chapter would premiere this next Saturday around 20:00 p.m. and so do not miss the birth of the baby Bra, which also the occurrences of the Pilaf gang will bring more than a few smiles as they decide to throw a party to Bulma because she is excited to know her love the little Bra.