After the opening of Chapter 80 of "Dragon Ball Super," we were given a little more knowledge about the range of Gods and Angels in the universe of this anime after the words of Daishinkan about what would happen to the Gods, angels, and Universes if they lost in the Tournament of Power. It is clear to us that the angels in "Dragon Ball Super" play a more important role than the Gods; as the latter will be eliminated next in their universes, while the angels will be saved.

Wiss makes a revelation to Goku?

Previously there were 18 Universes and Zeno-Sama eliminated six of them remaining in the current 12 Universes.


So where are those 6 Angels who served as teachers of the six destroying Gods of the eliminated universes? Many of the hypotheses say that perhaps these six angels, are now six Demons that seek revenge. The father of all angels, Daishinkan is one of the most enigmatic characters in the current saga. According to Wiss, Daishinkan is the most powerful being after Zeno-Sama

Another of the hypotheses that is causing much controversy, is the one that comes from the new ending of the series; The lyrics of this ending, tells a story in which the main staff could be "Grand Priest" and if this is so, we could be talking about the biggest spoiler in the history of the Dragon Ball series.

Secret revealed

Here are part of the lyrics, so that you yourself realize that you are talking about Daishinkan and even Zeno-Sama where it says: "An Angel and a Demon are sitting as friends, and I am in the middle, Where do I see? Or destroy myself, or all the others, scream in my ears all night, the masks of angels in the faces of demons, call me and tell me, for the sake of justice destroys everything Whatever is evil".

This makes evident allusion to a confusion that involves Daishinkan, as he is the only person who is in the middle of two seated friends, who are the two Zeno-Sama.

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Perhaps Daishinkan no longer holds the child's attitude of the God of everything and this is creating a double personality in him, which leads him into confusion every night so he is caught between destroying everything for the sake of justice or allowing Zeno-Sama to continue playing as a child with the lives of all the inhabitants of the Universes?