Piccolo, the character that holds an ecologic color was formerly known as Majunia. Today you’ll know Secrets of the character.


Frist this great character was initially bad. Piccolo formed part of the Z warriors, currently is among the elite of the 10 most powerful warriors of the seventh Universe. In this note I’ll give you some curiosities and secrets that you probably ignored about Mr. Piccolo.

  1. In the chapter number 126 of 'Dragon Ball' we first appreciated the eating habits of this charater. It is just a detail, but he is a Namekian and is an is autotroph.
  2. When Piccolo fuses with Nail, his power is equal to the second transformation of Freezar and when he fuses his body with Kamisama, this being is able to compete with Android 17.
  3. Piccolo is the only Z warrior that trained both Goku’s sons. He initially trained Gohan for his to fight against the Saiyajin, and later trained Goten along with Trunks.
  4. Despite seeminly wild and trite, Mr. Piccolo is only 5 years older than Gohan, but the question would be, why the Namekian looks like much older? And the answer would be that Piccolo, belonging to the Namekian warrior race gets old much faster than humans.
  5. When the master Toriyama was interrogated about which is his favorite warrior, he pointed out that was Mr. Piccolo was but also said that the Namekian warrior was the most impressive character of the manga in his first apparitions and also his aspect was “cool” for him. He furthermore mentioned that Piccolo was a real cliché where the bad turns to good and it simply it feels very good to draw. Later the Toriyama sensei changed his mind and in a recent interview with Shonen Jump, he claimed that Goku is his favorite character.
  6. In almost all the movies of the franchise, Mr. Piccolo saves Gohan excepting one movie and this is “Broly, the Second Coming.” In that one, instead of it being Piccolo who saves Gohan, it was Krilin who addressed the character.

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