Just moments ago was released the 81 episode of #Dragon Ball Super which showed us an intense but quick battle between Bergamo and Goku, a battle that had as the winner the Saiyajin of the seventh universe, giving the definite victory to his team. After this battle, the high priest, #Daishinkan revealed which will be the official rules of the tournament, rules that left puzzled to some gods. Then we’ll tell you what the rules will be in this unique event.

The rules

At first, Daishinkan begins showing a hologram of what is going to be the place where the struggle will take place, is that to say, Munokai and the platform.


In the first instance, mentions that to obtain the victory in the combat must get out the opponent from the platform, as the tournaments in the Earth are. If one of the warriors that’s fighting loses consciousness, they should take him out of the platform to obtain victory.

After that, the high priest mentions that after watching this tournament some restrictions were put. The first forbiddance is the use of weapons or objects that aren’t own techniques and neither killing an opponent is allowed.

Coupled with it, Daishinkan mentions that the use of the flying technique will be cancelled if they leave the Munokai world. Is to say, if a warrior wants to go further of the platform, will lose that ability and will fall in a void of which won’t come back.

More information

The term of each fight is of 100 Taks, which in earth is 48 minutes. This time lapse it seems to be very long but the explication to this fighting time so prolonged is because is going to be just one fight. Yes, what you’ve read, the 8 warriors of the 8 participant universes will fight in a battle all against all.

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The last warrior that remains standing will be the one to take away the tournament and in consequence, his universe won’t be destroyed.

Undoubtedly, the rules are very complex and encourages Goku and the others to make a perfecto work in a team, since all the battles will be this way. According to Goku, there’s no reason to worry, because they have Gohan, and we estimate that tells this due to the great intelligence that possesses the last, since he can elaborate a great strategy to obtaining the victory, however, he is very quick to obtain hypothesis.