At last the white warrior of the opening appears, his name is Jiren and is one of the strongest characters in the game Dragon Ball Heroes, this character who’s a strong battle with #Goku in the opening of the new saga of the Power Tournament, is electable among the characters of the game Dragon Ball Heroes; where they tag him with a power higher than Cell Xeno and able to fight at the same level of hit.

Jiren is one member of the troops of the pride of the eleventh Universe, he’s a righteous person that has a dreadful power, compared with Vegeta's in base phase.


As physic characteristics can be appreciated that’s a tall and robust warrior, his eyes are black and own the same investment as Toppo, his squad leader.

Who is the stronger character?

According to the game, this warrior is stronger than Goku and Hit, could easily eliminate both, and is the candidate to become the leader of the pride troops; possibly when Toppo gets to be Destructor God. Jiren has a personal goal, his desire is that in the eleventh universe just exist people with good heart.

Among the theories that are running, it’s said that Goku possibly loses the fight with Toppo, because his body is exhausted for having used the Ki of the gods in the Suer Saiyajin blue at the same tempo that the Kaio-Ken.

In the previous of the next chapter is seen a Toppo superior to Goku, just until the moment Goku is transformed into Super Saiyajin blue, but maybe this is only a trick of Toei Animation to let us think that Goku will defeat Toppo, but as we know the always show us in the previous one thing and later in the chapter we see another.

Two more weeks until DBS return

This week we won’t have a chapter of Dragon Ball Super, so know we must wait to the next week to know the result of the fight between Goku and Toppo.

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