It can be said that "Toppo" has everything to be the next destroying god, possibly Vermouth's Successor, because according to the descriptions he is the brightest warrior in universe 11.

He is also hot-blooded (referred to as tending to get angry with much Ease), is also a very respectful and peaceful warrior, who remains hooded by the need not to reveal his identity, and is the leader of the troops who maintain order in the universe of the Vermut God.

Function of a God of destruction?

Must function as a very important position, where it is necessary to undergo a rigorous selection and recruitment process that surrounds the most powerful and "ingenious humans" in the universe in question.


In addition, the requirements of the position need to be met, so they are surely subject to difficult tests and only the one that has approved will have the opportunity to assume the vacancy. One of the benefits should be the incredible increase in power, which leaves you more powerful than many humans in your universe and the freedom to do your job however you want.

Additional information

To be God destroyer, at least one of these two things is required to challenge the previous god or that this title be offered by someone superior when the destroying god has died.

No doubt they are special conditions, because the destroying gods are potentially and extremely powerful beings, and that only super gifted beings can have a level fight with them.

Destroyer gods are very well chosen beings, who have a series of main characteristics, because besides being incredibly powerful, these beings must enjoy long life and thus to maintain the balance in the universes. Its duration is almost at the same level as the "Gods of destruction", because in one way or another are linked and if one dies the other will have the same fate.

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But what we all hope is that Toppo´s challenges a destroying god, or perhaps the destroying goddess to take his place because anyway it seems that the goddess is one of those who have less power to the "hakaishin". This duel would be wonderful, because we know nothing of its powers, techniques, much less the limits of its power.