Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super was released showing us a great comeback of Gohan to the fight and a surprising revelation of Daishinkan for with the Gods. However, the episode ended leaving us with the desire of watching some strikes between Goku and Bergamo, in a battle which is interesting but at the time intriguing.

chapter 81

From what we have seen in the advance of chapter 81, Bergamo will grow in size, but it seems that this won’t be enough to defeat the powerful Saiyajin of the seventh universe.


After that we have the synopsis of said episode which reveals that Bergamo would talk directly to the fourth universe, twin universe of the 9, trying to settle Goku against the Gods and their respective universes. We estimate that he would do this due to the desperation that he feels as he feels practically defeated, but we put on trial that this evil psychologic manipulation helps the wolf of the ninth universe.

First instance

On first instance, we know that Goku is very clueless. Knowing this, Goku would never pay attention to a speech of Bergano, as good as it may be.

For an example we only have to see the fights that the Saiyajin kept with Black, Zamsu and the fusion of both, whom usually did long speeches but the Saiyajin never listened to them.

It's here when the theory gets interesting, since this mentions that Bergamo would fall defeated but Zeno wouldn’t be comfortable with the fight of his friend Goku, since this would be very short and very inclined in favor of the warrior of the seventh universe. After happening this, the solution would be that Goku has a small “friendly” match out of the preliminary tournament with Toppo, who’s the only Warrior not-God, also from the defeated wolves of the ninth universe and the friends of Goku.


We estimate that Toppo, being very respectful with the Gods, would no negate the opportunity, meanwhile Goku would be very excited at the moment of having a fight, since previously noticed that Toppo was extremely powerful, as he could stop easily the strikes of Basil diverted by Majin Buu, giving it the beginning of a very interesting fight and of biblics proportion.

At last, and before closing the hypothesis (and this is a personal assumption) Goku would fall defeated against Toppo