Many proposed theories and questions raised around the previous encounter between Goku and Toppo, in this note we’ll analyze some points so we start.

In the beginning was seen a brief power advantage from Goku but after that they kept fighting hand and hand, which caused curiosity was the finale when Toppo mentions that Jiren is Stronger than him, and that Goku wouldn’t be able to confront him. Here’s where I think that loses a little sense, since Goku was already tired of his previous battle against Bérgamo of the ninth Universe, in addition that in the second opening was shown Goku having a battle somewhat equal with the stronger warrior of the eleventh Universe.



This will be shown later, as there exists a possibility that contradicts my theory about that Goku is higher than Toppo since it’s possible that during the forty hours that the Great Priest gave a time limit to reunite the 10 strongest warriors of each Universe, probably Whiss have the idea to elaborate a training for all the warriors and that would explain Goku fighting with Jiren hand and hand.

On other side, I’ll put how I think is the order of power of each and every of the warriors that will participate in the defense of the seventh Universe:

Warriors breakdown

Goku: in first place since he can use the Kaioken and only for that is higher than Vegeta.

Vegeta: second place characterized for being more serious in battles than Goku and even stronger currently.

Gohan: third place, for having recuperated the Definite State in which he liberates all his hidden power.

Buu: fourth place: not for much higher than Piccolo but harder to defeat due to his regeneration.

Piccolo: fifth place, due to the wisdom he possesses in combats and also for being very serious when fighting.

C-17: sixth place, for having inexhaustible energy for being a human and a machine.

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Ten Shin Han: seventh place, because he doesn’t stop training and perfecting his techniques over time.

C-18: eighth place, the same that his brother C-17 his energy is inexhaustible.

Krilin: ninth place, stopped training for a while therefore his power decreased a percentage.

Master Roshi: last place, and advantage he possesses is know how to direct and have to wisdom at the same that Piccolo in battle.