In this note, we will talk about what may happen during the battle of the Tournament of power.

According to the actual opening, Goku will be facing Bergamo once more, but this time the Saiyan will deal with the strongest warrior from Universe 9. Since all the gods of the rest of the Universes will plot against Goku, protecting him will be the main goal for the rest of Beerus’s team members, and that includes the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta.

His rudeness and lack of respect for the gods have earned Goku the dislike and anger of the rest of the Universes leaders, so it is expected that he will probably be targeted by every other contender from the rest of the teams, so it’s up to Gohan and the rest to protect him while Goku faces the most powerful warriors.

Goku vs Jiren

Gohan’s father will be facing Jiren.


On the other hand, in the actual opening Vegeta is seen fighting against a large woman, so we expect that she will be the Prince of the Saiyans’s main rival. Regarding Hit, we’ve got information that he will be on Goku’s side, and will aid Universe 7’s team in protecting the Saiyan. This is quite likely since he has grown some sort of friendship with Gohan’s father, and thanks to him he was able to perfect his Time Skip technique. So it is possible that his sense of honor will push him to aid in the defense of Goku, but only to be able to fight him himself in the end.

Toppo and Jiren will seek to defeat the protagonist of the series, but with the aid of Hit, it is likely that they will pair to face the warriors from Universe 11. We expect that Hit will aim at Toppo so that Goku can face Jiren, and hopefully defeat them to have their final fight.

In the meantime Vegeta will probably fight another of Universe’s 11 elite warriors from Toppo’s team (the big woman maybe?), so we must also keep an eye to who the Prince of the Saiyans will face.

Keep in mind…

Vermouth, also known as the clown like God of Destruction is a being that supports and admires Toppo’s elite forces, and like them, he is a defender of justice.

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His Angel’s name is Marcarita and is a kind Angel, but most of the time she does not agree with the decisions made by the God of Destruction.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, and enjoy watching the current saga.