DBS episode 81 Goku wins over Bergamo: - The 81st episode of DBS is one of the most awaited telecasts among the Dragon Ball Super fans. In this exclusive episode, Son Goku is going to battle with Bergamo of Universe 9 in the final match of the Zen exhibition tournament. Before checking more details on the 81st episode, let's recap previous telecasts.

In the first match of the tournament, Majin Buu of Universe 7 wons over Basil of Universe 9 and the second match was tied between Gohan and Lavende. Let's check final match details below.


DBS episode 81 - Goku vs Bergamo

In the 81st episode, the final match between Goku and Bergamo begins. Initially, Bergamo blames Goku as a person responsible for erasing the Universe with his stupid wish and further requests of Zen-oh-Sama that if he wins the final match then he should take back the decision of erasing the defeated universe.

Then the fight starts between Goku and Bergamo. Bergamo is the one person who can absorb enemy power to use it back on them, So he grows bigger and bigger when Goku attacks with his powers.

Even though Goku knows that Bergamo is a cheater who is trying to cash on using the enemy's power back against them, he still uses his power to the fullest. Finally, he defeats Bergamo with a super power which Bergamo was unable to withstand against Goku's power and hence he agrees on the defeat. Thus Universe 7 is declared as the winner in the Zen Exhibition match.

Next Tournament of Power

The Zen-oh-sama are satisfied with the matches between Universe 7 and Universe 9 and enjoyed watching them.

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So they announced the next tournament is a 'Tournament of Power'. In this tournament, all the Universe teams will fight with each other on a big stage and 48 minutes is set as the time limit. The winner will be the team who has the most members stay on the stage until the end of the fight.

After the tournament details were announced, Toppo interferes and describes himself by saying, "I am the leader of Pride Troopers...from the brave and beautiful Universe 11!" and he wants to fight with Son Goku.

Son Goku accepts the request of Toppo and this will be aired in the next episode of DBS.