The episode 81 of DRAGON BALL Super ended leaving us at the doors of the first great battle of this new saga. Toppo, leader of the patrols of pride of the eleventh universe irrupted at the end of the exhibition tournament to challenge Goku, saying that if Goku is a big threat to his Universe, he’ll take charge of destroying him, concluding an episode not allowed for cardiacs.

While we know that the power of Toppo mustn’t be taken lightly since he’s a serious candidate to be the next God of the destruction, we also know that the power of Goku can’t be underrated. Amid his battle against Bergamo, Goku showed that his powers are immense and are at the height of any God.


However, Toppo decided to challenge Goku in spite of having seen that enormous deployment of power that Goku showed against Bergamo, and based on this we ask the next question: who’ll win that combat?

Toppo has some advantage?

In the first instance, we would say that Toppo has some advantage having seen the movements and transformations of Goku. However, we all know Goku, and we are conscious that this won’t be an impediment for the powerful Saijayin warrior who bit by bit is assuming the role of antagonist.

Meanwhile, Goku can give Toppo an impressing battle since in the preview we see that Toppo gets surprised after seeing the power of Goku, we estimate that the Saiyajin would be at risk since he used part of his power on his God state. As you all know, isn’t the same using the power of the God state at one blow, that using it, rest and reuse it. Goku has already consumed part of his force against Bergamo and could be benefited of that waste of energy.

Our prediction

Our prediction regarding to his fight is the next: Goku will give an impressing battle to Toppo, surprising him and putting on alert of what can Goku arrive to do in the future Tournament of Power, however, Goku, due to the recent battle with Bergamo won’t seize all his power and will lose this encounter against Toppo.

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Is to remark that this is just a prediction, and the universe of possibilities of what can happen in this fight is very wide.