Much has been speculated about the strange Goku’s attitude in the development of this new argument, because of that many have thought that Goku could be saving a strange power and that’s the reason which has wanted to fight against the strongest guys of all the Universes, we’ve seen how he dominated the Kaioken technique with the Super Saiyajin Blue state, also, his previous battles served him to increase considerably his powers, so much so he achieved to overcome the technique jump in time of Hit, which means this last one wouldn’t be a rival as strong as he was in the beginning, on the other side we disown the strange training that could have developed Goku to wake up this new power with which he feels so much trust that believes that can confront any powerful guy like Toppo or even the most powerful warrior of the eleventh Universe, Jiren.


Goku's new transformation

It’s likely that Goku has a new transformation since we still don’t know which is the enemy of this new saga and because of that this transformation would be key to defeat him but would lack much time to that, thus we can considerate that Goku in the tournament would use only the Kaioken technique with his state of Super Saiyajin Blue in the battle of everyone to everyone, Jiren could be the strongest enemy of all the participants of the tournament, thus they make so much emphasis in this character and his terrible power.

For all these reasons Goku would be saving the best of the end, maybe this new transformation is fairly powerful, so much so it could be said that it’d have a power almost equal to a destruction God like Beerus or Champa, this would mark a new phase in the story of Dragon Ball Super since Goku would be almost overcoming the power of the destruction God Beerus or his brother Champa.

To end this note we remember you of not losing the next episode of this exciting series and don’t forget to leave your comment regarding this theory, we’ll be informing you about any new or novelty of Dragon Ball Super, see you next time.

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