The destroying God Berrus appears for the first time in the movie The Battle of the Gods. It is a very powerful divine and cares for the Universe 7th. Beerus has a great obsession for food, for this reason he forgave the living beings of planet Earth, because the vast majority of human beings cook very well.

Events revealed

Beerus does not get along very well with his twin brother Champa, usually both brothers are fighting for any reason. After the tournament of Universes 6 and 7th, Beerus invoked Zarama and asked him to rebuild the planet Earth of the Universe.


6. Beerus is usually very sleepy and awakens after many years.

According to the creator of Dragon Ball Super, Beerus is based on his pet, a "Cornish Rex" cat. The elder Kaio-Shin admitted that God Universe 7th was the one who locked him in the Zeta sword, according to arguments confirmed in the manga.


The eastern Kaio-Shin is linked to the destroying God Beerus, if Beerus dies the Kaio-Shin will also die and thus vice versa. Some powerful Beerus techniques are:

1) Transformation in sand: Beerus is able to destroy any object in seconds and these objects become sand.

2) Psychokinesia: Beerus, when angry, emits a very evil look and is able to leave any living being paralyzed. 3) Burst of energy: Beerus throws many energy balls at the same time. 4) Energy cancellation: Beerus is able to disappear any kind of energy released from an enemy. 5) Destroy: Beerus-Sama uses this technique to destroy and disintegrate any living being or even to the souls of the dead.

Additional information

The Gods are always very special characters for the life of each Universe in which they inhabit the terricoles and creatures with a surprising level of fight.

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This means that there will be many events in each chapter of the new "Survival Tournament" to dictate the strongest of the 12 Universes that exist so far in the Dragon Ball Super series.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the demon Demigra controls Beerus, but in fact Beerus pretends to be controlled, then when the destroying God is about to destroy planet Earth. The divine ends up throwing his great power at Demigra. In Dragon Ball Fusion, Wiss merges with Beerus.