Incredible but true! This Child ensures to be alive thanks to the technique of Vegeta. Last Monday, a child was attacked by more than 400 bees in the town of Saffor in northern Arizona (USA).

According to local media reports, the boy was playing with a pistol, when unfortunately he was very close to some trees containing large beehives, especially one that was inside an abandoned car. It was at that precise moment after activating the pistol, that hundreds of bees addressed to the boy and his companion, attacking them, reaching only to scream desperately, being listened by the inhabitants who moved it of urgency to the nearest hospital.


The little one, who is a big fan of the famous Japanese series Dragon Ball, was interviewed by the reporter of a chain of local Television and assured that managed to survive the attack of those killer bees thanks to the use that made of the famous technique of the personage Called Vegeta, "Maximum Power". The phrase used by the minor and has been widely commented on social networks, has been: "My name is Andrew but you can call me Vegeta. I felt like 400 bullets were impacting me in the body", said the minor, who is currently in the process of recovery.

Additional Information

On the other hand, let's remember that this weekend is premiering the 81st chapter of Dragon Ball Super which will be titled: Bergamo the crusher vs. Son Goku! What are the barriers of unlimited power? In this chapter we will finally see the combat Between Goku and Bergamo, the wrestler of the universe 9. This will be the last exhibition bout of the Zeno tournament.

The weekly Shonen jump, for its part, has also launched its own version of what we will see in this chapter, giving us more details, such as the hypocritical discourse that will make Bergamo to the audience, in order to put them against the universe 7 (Goku's universe and his friends).


Will it achieve its purpose ?, we will discover this Saturday. Do not forget to follow us for the latest information of Dragon Ball.