Surprising! The long awaited chapter number 81 of the emblematic series of Dragon Ball Super has been released, however, some bad news has been announced this past week. After the leaks and the boom of the spoiler regarding the exhibition combats for the Zenos, it was additionally announced that sadly, due to the information leak, that the release date of chapter 82 will be deferred.

Delay in chapter 82

The chapter number 82 should have been released the 11th of March, but due to its postponement, it will now be broadcasted the 18th of March of this year.


However, despite this bad news, soon we’ll have more information given by the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.

The title of chapter 82 is “I’ll never forgive you Son Goku, Toppo the warrior of the justice!”

Indeed, it would be carried out the struggle between Son Goku and Toppo, and the most interesting thing of this is that seems that the Toppo himself would be candidate to be a God of Creation, less than a Destroyer God, since he fights for justice and is not strictly the role of a Destroyer God.

The Destroyer Gods are commanded to destroy and just destroy, in this way is regarded as destruction per craving, we’ll see the interesting powers that can let to show the chapter 82, being this to be postulated as a Destroyer God.

What's next to come?

However, and setting aside the episode number 82, and speaking of the chapter number 81, could happen that Son Goku can be much more powerful that the God of Destruction of the ninth universe. Why? Well, in the chapter number 81 Goku expels his maximum power known, is that to say the Super Saiyajin Blue God fused with the technique of Kaioken, to which the Destructor God of the ninth Universe trembles and tells the following words “Wow, how much dreadful is that from the seventh universe”.

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With this words can be confirmed that Goku would become more powerful that the Destructor God of that Universe, we’ll see this cleared up in future episodes of the series.

We’ll be keeping you updated about any new regarding the series Dragon Ball Super.