Amazing! incredible things were revealed with the premiere in chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super and one of them has to do with the most powerful inhabitants of each universe, who's intelligent beings are mysterious. They support the Gods of destruction and they are Daishinkan-sama's children; we are talking of the angels, whose origin, absolute function and final destination are unknown. This allows us to know something new about them in each chapter as the series progresses and this time the information revealed is a little sinister.


What happened in the last chapter?

In the last chapter Gohan fought off Lavenda in a very balanced battle, but since the warrior of universe nine used poison on Gohan's eyes; This fight was essential so that Gohan wouldn't win. Taking into consideration that Goku's son had not fought a long time with no training. The combat in his disadvantage was useful for him because this way he could feel again the sensation to be in battle, and progress adapting his body to recover all power that he lost after the defeat of Kid Buu in the hands of Goku.

During the course of the Battle Gohan showed great skills and especially showed us the use of his intelligence. He was able to, with limited power and limited senses, put Lavenda in serious trouble. Lavenda, in reality, lost the battle because he was the first of the two to lose consciousness, although Daishinkan-sama has declared a draw.

What new information was revealed about the angels?

After the draw was declared by Daishinkan-sama in the second battle of the exhibition tournament. The great priest at the service of Zeno Sama declared some words about the future of the Universes and the real reason by which will delete the loser’s universes in the survival tournament, including the Gods.

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But there is a peculiarity, the angels will not be eliminated like the Gods of the destruction of their universe. They will continue existing, however, nobody knows what is going to happen with them.

To know this information is very important because they were 18 universes before. Therefore there are 6 angels more who probably are alive in somewhere, 6 angels that we haven't seen but that certainly they could appear and make the show more interesting.