The 80th episode of "Dragon Ball Super" has been released, leaving us a really incredible revelation at the hands of Daishinkan. The high priest mentioned very interesting information about the next Power Tournament, meanwhile, he was giving the notice of the destruction of the losing universes.

This scene happens after the fight of Gohan and before the battle of Goku. Daishinkan calls the attention of the Gods to report to them what will occur with the losing universes and the purpose of the tournament.


Even though the tournament was Goku’s idea, this will serve as the perfect excuse to destroy the universe.

It seems that Zeno, together with the high priest, made calculations sizing the capability of each universe. After doing that, they decided to leave out the strongest of these universes. For those that may not be aware, the gods of these universes are Ivan, Arak, Liquir, and Giin.

Weakest universes

Coupled with this, it was revealed that the weakest universes are 7 and 9. And if that wasn’t enough, the ancestor Kaioshin of the seventh Universe asked the high priest if the gods would be affected, to which Daishinkan answered that the creator and destroyer gods will disappear along with the universe, with only the angels remaining.

Ultimately, it is interesting to note that our Earth universe is counted among the weakest in this latest reveal. This also might explain why both Universe 9 and Universe 7 competed in the exhibition match that featured the "Danger Trio" from Universe 9, and Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu from Universe 7.

Perhaps this was a good way for Zeno to see the overall power levels by pitting the two supposed weakest universes against each other in order to be able to gauge power level. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens as the episodes progress.

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This is already shaping up to be the largest saga ever released in the history of the franchise. While it's true that the saga started out a bit slow, things will likely continue to pick up as the tournament progresses.