In the last hours, new information has been revealed about Dragon Ball Super and its next three chapters, the numbers 81, 82 and 83, which will be published between March 4 and March 18. In this information, there is an emphasis that is very important for the universe 11 and its most powerful warrior whose name is Toppo. This character debuted in chapter 79 when he stopped the attack directed towards the Gods of his universe and this was something that surprised many fans because all thought that the mysterious hooded warrior was the character who fought against Goku in the opening.


What will happen in the next chapters?

After the victory of Majin Buu, right now Gohan is will face Lavenda who is the higher brother between the three danger warriors of the universe 9. Everything seems to indicate that everyone has a particular ability; for example, Basil could use his feet to fight and Lavenda will use poison to attack Gohan and that way could take advantage. As we already know, Gohan will lose his eyesight because of Lavenda's poison. However, all this will happen in chapter 80.

In chapter 81 we will see finally Goku in action. He will fight against Bergamo who is a character very hard to beat because his power is extraordinary. Before starting the battle, Bergamo will say a speech asking for support of his universe and he will put everyone against universe 7. His Fighting style is of the very best because he can copy the abilities of his opponents.

When and why Toppo will do his intervention?

After seeing how Bergamo with his speech caught the attention at the exhibition tournament, everyone is surprised because he was able to convince to Zeno Sama not to destroy the loser universes and proposed that universe 4 become allies throughout the survival tournament.


Everything seems to indicate that Gohan has lost and Goku, while he can possibly win the exhibition tournament, he may lose too.

Chapter 82 will have Toppo as the main protagonist because the title is "the brave warrior, Toppo intervenes." Definitely in this chapter the fighter of universe 11 he could Declare War on universe 7, but especially against Goku because it was he who proposed that Zeno Sama carry out the survival tournament.