The amazing fight between Gohan and Lavenda starts, and what awaits us is really breathtaking. Gohan asks Lavenda to fight with all his force, Goku encourages Gohan and gives him some advice, the rest of them are really intrigued by the battle.

In the beginning the struggle seems to be very equal, and it’s there that Lavenda capitalizes on a mistake from Gohan to blind his eyes. Due to this, Gohan is at an extreme disadvantage, coupled with the fact that his is already out of shape and rusty on account of the fact that he has not fought in a very long time.


The Kaioshin of the 7th Universe offers his help to heal Gohan’s blind eyes, but he denies it, since it is part of this training, and wants to defeat him without help. Even though Gohan is at an extreme disadvantage, he uses this opportunity to tap into his other senses and sees it as more of a training exercise. The good thing is that this match is only an exhibition match, so, if Gohan is going to get some practice in and sharpen his skills, this is the best time to do it.

It is known, ultimately, that Gohan eventually loses this battle.

That said, however, his teammates -- his father and Majin Buu -- help by picking up the slack. As was mentioned before, even though Gohan does eventually lose his encounter with Lavenda, this exhibition match was simply an opportunity for Zeno Sama to see the potential of the fighters he has that will eventually compete in his tournament of power.

Either way, the current saga of "Dragon Ball Super" is underway, and it features arguably the largest tournament ever seen in the history of the anime.


This saga brings together the strongest warriors from all of the universes that are a part of the lore of this franchise, and features some of the strongest characters that the show itself has ever known.

As the episodes of the new saga continue to progress, it will be interesting to see what happens as the tournament continues, and viewers will be able to see the power of these warriors on full display.