The Goku Black saga finished three months ago with an unexpected outcome, where we could see many nostalgic things that reminded us from the original serie "Dragon Ball Z". An example being the return of future Trunks, the potala earrings, the fusion between Goku and Vegeta that is called Vegetto and many others references to the Cell saga, when future Trunks did his first travels. The Goku Black saga taught us too how the topic of the twelve universes was, whose real number was eighteen, so that before there were more Gods of destruction with their respective angels.

How the Anime and Manga taken different roads?

Without place to doubt the arc of Black Goku and future Trunks was something very promising and for this reason everybody was to the expectation to see something very spectacular.

The ads that promoted the animated product were truly emotive, so much so, that the first chapters complied with all expectation of the fans showing a spectacular introduction. In the anime it all started with future Trunks being pursued by Black Goku who had been looking to kill him. In addition, the saiyan survived one year of uninterrupted battle with the villain who killed to Bulma.

The history in the Manga was taking the same road that in the anime; everything seemed to be congruent, but when the Black Goku saga arrived to the moment in which Goku and Vegeta traveled in time to address the past, only for later to return to the future and to defeat to Goku Black and Zamasu, everything changed. Unlike the anime in the manga, Gowasu and the Kaioshin of the universe 7 saved the future Trunks and future Mai.

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However, this change isn't very important; the most important change being the fact that Zamasu killed Gowasu of the present, something that in the anime didn't happen.

What we will see in the next chapter of Black Goku Saga in the manga?

In the manga number twenty two of Dragon Ball Super we will see Goku and Vegeta return to the future. There Gohan's father will do the mafuba to enclose to Zamasu but will not have success. Maybe we will see too the future Trunks expel his hate when Gowasu is killed, waking all his power to become a new super saiyan, something that will surprise to Goku and Vegeta who unlike of the anime will not travel with Bulma.