Today I am reviewing an anime by the name of 07-Ghost. I am relatively new to this anime. I have watched all 25 episodes of this anime. I started watching this out of curiosity and after the first episode I was hooked. It has a really intriguing story-line that keeps you guessing. Just when you think you’ve sussed it out there is a twist in the story.

This anime is about a young man who has a forgotten past. He was attending military school but due to certain circumstances he leaves one night on a vehicle called a hawksile.


He then ends up in a church with the people who save him. Through flashbacks he learns more about his past. There is a form of magic that is used and it can harm or heal depending on the user. He loses many precious things throughout his lifetime and vows that he will become stronger to protect those closest to him. In this anime, there are monsters known as Kor who try and tempt you by fulfilling the three wishes that you make when you leave heaven in exchange for your soul. If your wishes are granted by a Kor you become a Kor as well and can not go to heaven.

If you obtain all your wishes naturally then you go to heaven.

There are also clergymen that have special powers such as being able to wield a scythe which belonged to the fallen angel that killed gods daughter. There is another clergyman who has powers over plants and can control them. The clergymen kill Kors so that the person's soul can be put to rest or freed. There are the 'bad' guys who use a power called Ziphon to harm others and to get what they want in the anime. The main protagonist turns out to be the heir to the lost kingdom that was destroyed ten years ago by the military.


This is where he loses the first person close to him making him an orphan. Later on you find out that he was raised by a clergyman who is suspected of stealing Pandora's box.

I will definitely continue watching this anime all the way to the end just because I enjoy it and want to see if my hunches are correct. It has made me laugh and cry. There are some bloody scenes in it but nothing too graphic.