A new paper published in the Journal of Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies has outlined the creation of a new proof of concept device with the potential to revolutionise the Mobile Technology world. Published just 1 week ago the authors outline how they have been able to create a device with basic mobile phone capabilities which requires no charging from an external power source and as such would carry no battery. Instead, this miraculous mobile device is able to use energy harvested from ambient light through the usage of photo diodes.The device is also stated to be capable of powering itself purely using RF (Radio Frequency) waves from a base station nearby.

This is made possible due to the device consuming but a few micro-watts (millionths of a watt) of power.

Simple construction

Incredibly, this device was constructed with no specialist equipment, instead using only off the shelf consumer electronic components and a printed circuit board. This means that the way consumers in many countries consider their mobile devices may be rapidly changing in the coming years. As has been the case with the Raspberry Pi models of do-it-yourself computers. Many people without the funds or need to buy a relatively expensive and powerful ready-made PC have decided instead to surf this wave of technological freedom and buy something they can tailor to their own needs.

The full effects of a fully realised device like the Pi are still being understood and explored today and show how the potential ripples this mobile device could make are unfathomable.

The future of mobile communication

Now as with all scientific breakthroughs, there are caveats and for this particular piece of genius electrical engineering, they come in the form of the devices range and list of functionalities.

When compared to a modern smartphone the device created by scientists at the University of Washington cannot compete as it’s communication range has been stated as being around 15.2m (~50 feet) under laboratory conditions. For those of you who have been salivating at the prospect of never having to struggle with charging cables and power outlets again however do not fear as with the increasing efficiency of electrical components that continues on exponentially year after year, there is hope that this proof of concept device will pave the way for the next generation of mobile technology.