So far, Daniel Cowan, the former Labour candidate for Blenheim Park ward for the 2018 Southend-on-Sea Borough Council election, has been caught saying some disgusting comments. They have ranged from describing a guest presenter on his (a website he created for Arsenal FC fans) podcast as a 'token brown friend.' He has proclaimed his love of street violence, stated his intention to 'f**k' Tottenham FC manager Maurcio Pochettino because of his 'young and tight a**hole' and referred to Piers Morgan as a 'genetic cesspool of c**tery.'

However, his remarks do not end there.

The source who disclosed his podcasts to Blasting News has provided a collection of Mr. Cowan's worst comments yet.

'Fourth-degree vaginal tear'

He had a direct message for The Sun newspaper: 'F**k you and the donkey you rode in' before referring to them as 'fourth-degree vaginal tear.'

He described a photo of an infamous woman wearing a Liverpool FC shirt as 'ugly as f**k' after commenting on her 'big k****ers.'

Mr. Cowan and his co-presenters proudly admit to 'trolling the local pre-schools and senior citizens' homes looking for a date.' They refer to the experience as 'Gumming Grannies.' The Labour activist later joked that a 'granny' was sucking his mate's p***s before saying: 'I hope she takes her teeth out.'

He also said Bristol drivers are all 'f***ing thunder-c***s.' The Labour volunteer said none of them can drive straight and that he is embarrassed to 'share oxygen with these c**trags.'

He refused to 'f**k Adrian Chiles and Martin Keown', but if they both led Arsenal FC to victory, he volunteered to 's**k the s**t out of them.'


Cowan admitted he is a 'c**t' and then called one presenter 'a white supremacist.' He bragged that he has had to 'abstain from c**k' during Arsenal's season before confessing he 'had five guys yesterday.'

He concluded one podcast by imitating Jamaican accents and recorded a rap about a**l s*x.

It is a good job Southend Labour has finally had the decency to suspend him.

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