A Southend-on-Sea Labour candidate has been suspended after being caught making misogynist and racist remarks.

A Southend councillor reported Daniel Cowan, the former Labour candidate for the Blenheim Park ward for next year's Southend-on-Sea Borough Council election, to Essex Police after receiving a tip-off from an anonymous source about racist and homophobic remarks he made on his own website.

He made the comments on a site called, which the Labour volunteer created for Arsenal FC fans commonly referred to as 'gooners.' Its podcasts discuss matters related to the football club.

A Southend Labour spokesperson said: "We do not comment on the details of internal party matters.


The Southend Labour Party's Campaign Forum's Executive Committee is satisfied that the appropriate selection processes were followed."

"I would love to say to Tottenham fans that your manager has been f***ed by a 'gooner'"

On one podcast, the Labour activist was caught saying he would 'love to f**k' Tottenham FC's manager, Maurcio Pochettino. When asked by the podcast's presenter, James Rowell-Stokes, why he would like to do that, Mr. Cowan said: 'He is young and has a tight a**hole. I would love to say to Tottenham fans that your manager has been f***ed by a "gooner"- that is pretty good bragging rights.

'I would love to say I spanked inside him and killed Mike Dean (a football referee).'

In another Goonersphere recording, Mr. Cowan and Mr. Rowell-Stokes discussed their thoughts on Piers Morgan. The Labour activist described the former Mirror editor as an 'all-round massive thunder-c**t.'

He then went on to say that he embodies 'everything that is wrong with Arsenal, the media, life, humanity and existence.'

"Piers Morgan's sweat is c**t soup"

The Labour volunteer concluded by saying Mr. Morgan is a 'genetic cesspool of c**tery. Piers Morgan's sweat is c**t soup.'


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Rowell-Stokes corrected his co-presenter by saying the Britain's Got Talent presenter does not 'excreet c**t, he is c**t.'

Mr. Cowan replied to his colleague's comments by describing the ITV presenter as a 'semi-sentient post-mortem priapism.'

'Piers Morgan is a dead man's b***r covered in s**t that can think- a dead p***s with a Twitter account'

He then went on to say: 'Basically, Piers Morgan is a dead man's b***r covered in s**t that can think- a dead p***s with a Twitter account.'

The Labour volunteer proclaimed his love for street violence and described his own podcasts as 'c**t soup.'

One guest who was brought onto the show, named Dan, was described as the presenters' 'token brown friend' and a 'cat bummer.'

Mr. Cowan later bragged that he stalked a female presenter who was 'struggling with a poo' late at night.

A voter in Southend-on-Sea said: 'Some of what I've heard broadcast by Mr. Cowan is not only offensive, but absolutely sickening.

'I would be furious if such a depraved individual was elected to our council in Southend.'

Councillor James Courtenay, the Conservative Councillor for Blenheim Park and Executive Councillor for Children & Learning, told Blasting News: 'The choice of language Daniel Cowan uses on the podcast is both very juvenile and unnecessarily crude. I would like to think the residents of Blenheim Park deserve someone to represent them who can do so in a polite, meaningful and diplomatic way, whilst getting the job done.


Not a skill set Mr. Cowan appears to be showing in abundance with his podcast.

'The much more distressing and disappointing part of this podcast is the way in which racist and homophobic comments are made and then laughed off by the presenters. Sadly, in the never ending toroid of sexually explicit expletives, and the casual way things are laughed off by the presenters, it is almost possible to miss these comments.

'However, it is the role of a local councillor to stand up, speak and represent minorities and to do so with some credibility. Mr. Cowan would not have any such credibility to represent the residents of Blenheim Park.'

Mr. Cowan was approached for a reply by Blasting News, but he refused to comment.