According to the Russian television, the British Government is making attempts to brainwash the leaders of the NATO member countries - YouTube
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Photogallery - The Skripals poisoning – yes, it's a major international incident

The chief of the Russian news outlet Russia Today, Dmitry Kisselyov, made these and similar remarks in his weekly news and comments program: "Hysterics, suspicions, fears, a pile of accusations based on their own, painful associations. Quoting themselves as a decisive argument. Raising voices and degrees of horror. All this is reminiscent of the Stalinist trials of Zinovev-Kamenev' opposition and the Trotskyists." He take this tone speaking about the activities of the British Government and House of Commons in connection with the Skripals murder attempt.

He meant for sure the Moscow Trials between 1936 and 1938 against so-called Trotskyists and members of Right Opposition. Kisselyov throwed up his hands to despair because of the sudden decline of the British diplomacy and governing style. The Russian reactions to further hostile steps of the British and other NATO member countries should be, however, he made promise, tranquil and well balanced.

Both screenshots from YouTube video: Вести недели от 18.03.18

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