It is no secret that if a Conservative or UKIP activist was caught threatening to assassinate or murder anybody on social media, Labour activists would quickly expose them for inciting violence. However, the left do not exercise the same standards when it comes to one of their own. It seems like they are divorced from basic morals. The same rules should apply to left-wing activists.

"Love or loathe Donald Trump, he is still President of the United States"

Love or loathe Donald Trump, he is still President of the United States, Britain's closest ally. It is bad enough when the Prime Minister bends to populism in the UK over President Trump, but the left are not helping this nation's relationship with the US.

The President's state visit has been delayed by threats of protests from the left, thereby dissuading him from coming to the UK. Even though he has now proposed to arrive in London in February, even this meeting is being disrupted by protest warnings.

This is why Labour activist Sean Jones deserves to be punished for inciting violence against what was then the President-elect when he won the 2016 US Presidential Election. It does not matter who occupies the position of US President, Donald Trump is Britain's best hope of achieving a satisfactory trade deal with America after it leaves the EU. This country should maintain its alliance with the US. Even though the overwhelming majority of the Labour Party despises President Trump, assassinating him should not be encouraged by the party's ranks.

Sean Jones must be suspended as the Labour candidate for the Chalkwell ward on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. The same rule applies to any activist who flirts with the idea of murdering an international leader on social media.

But given the Labour leadership's support for Momentum, the most radical group of activists creating a culture of hatred on social media, don't expect Mr.

Jones to face any punishment. This is now normal behaviour in the Labour Party.

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