In recent years, social media has become a platform for left-wing activists to write public remarks that overstep many boundaries. Of course, many in the centre and on the right have also produced equally stupid comments on social media.

"The problem lies with the Labour Party the most"

Yet the problem lies with the Labour Party the most. Labour claims to be a party of diversity, equality and tolerance. They proclaim to be the 'nice' party in British politics. Yet when Southend-on-Sea Labour candidates Daniel Cowan and Sean Jones behave badly on the internet, their own party refuses to punish them, unless there is an uproar.

That is because the Labour Party are supposedly the 'good guys', so it is okay for their members to act as such.

Most sane people would agree that Sean Jones must be suspended as the Labour candidate for the Chalkwell ward on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. His tweets should also be properly investigated by the Labour Party. He implied on the night Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential Election that he should be assassinated by someone, maybe even him, if Mr. Jones had his own way.

"There would be nothing but condemnation from left-wing activists on social media"

However, let's pretend that a Conservative, or even a UKIP activist, announced on social media that Jeremy Corbyn should be assassinated. So far, not one Tory or UKIP member has said they would participate in such an awful scheme.

But if they did, there would be nothing but condemnation from left-wing activists on social media. Such a remark would be retweeted for days and shared throughout Facebook. Labour MPs would photograph the comment and share it on their personal Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Both the Conservative Party and UKIP would investigate such a status and rightly suspend any member who made it.

The mainstream media would probably report on it too.

There seems to be nothing but double standards in today's political culture. The left are treated like victims and the right are portrayed as villains. There is good and bad in all parties and they deserve to be exposed, regardless of their politics. When will this ever change? At the moment, it seems unlikely.

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