An increasing number of unjustified deaths.

2016 has counted with over 190 black people killed by the Police. The extent to which armed police should be allowed to use violence, or even armed defense, lies under the legal background and training, of which there is little knowledge about. These deaths, no matter from what perspective they are being considered, should always come as a shock, and not as unsurprising data. The US needs a radical change on the grounds of racial discrimination, violence, as well as the power-abusing method of the police system.

Last week, Terence Crutcher was killed by a policewoman under no evident reasons.

The victim, who was visibly unarmed, was merely outside his own car, solving technical issues,when he was wrongly taken as a suspect of an unrelated case that the officers were working on. Regardless of the formal accusations and the resulting confrontation with the victim, I struggle to understand why can anyone justify as cold bloodedact as such. Moreover, no immediate assistance was given to the victim as he was lying on the floor, bleeding to death, whilst the officers proceeded with their work. No matter the reasons that officer Betty Shelby had to shoot an innocent citizen, the least they could have done, as police officers, was to look after their suspect. In fact, it is in my view, that instead of shooting an unarmed suspect, the police should be constrained to merely arrest them, and give them the opportunity to be submitted to trials and investigations.

In a free, democratic country like the US, everyone should be entitled to be innocent until proven guilty. Listening is crucial for communication. What happened with Terence Crutcher is simply unjustifiable.

Why the change needs to happen overnight

It is very usual to hear that these things are very common: that hate crime isa bigpart of society's problems in the USA.

But what I find most insulting is that it is usually seek to be justified under the necessity for a gradual change, as these things can not change from one day to another. The problem is that change needs to happen quickly, as there is a strong sense of fear, hate and segregation in the relationship between the police system and ordinary citizens, especially within the minorities.

The police should be a force that is present when there is need for protection and security. The moment a country has a dysfunctional police, then there is a serious problem of integration. The black community has sadly been historically treated as an inferior. Being in the 21st Century, and having evolved from the periods of slavery and apartheid, this discrimination really needs to change quickly, just as quickly as innocent people are shot without justification.

White people need to speak out for justice

Regardless of the official attempts to justify the actions under 'procedural' changes and privacy-based investigations, there is also an important element that needs to be considered: the voice of the audience.

There is a very strongly split opinion on this matter. In my opinion, it is time for more white people to acknowledge this type of problems. Just as with the Brock Turnercase, I feel like there is little room for justifications for the officer's actions. Instead of trying hard to find reasons why people should not complain, maybe it is time to work together to show the world what the reality behind black lives matter consists in. White people do not fear for their lives when they walk in the streets as much as a member of an ethnic minority would do. Civil security should be a right, not a privilege.

Why would anyone be offended with protests and complaints, and yet feel indifference when innocent people are killed by those who should protect them?

For those interested in the matter, there is a lot going on every day. There is an obvious violent and and a great need for awareness that is hard to find in those who never feared for their lives.

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