As most parties in the country are playing the secular card and have been talking of inducing all political parties cut across their religious idealism, the Shahi Imam of the historic Jama Masjid in Delhi has turned down an invite the premier of the nation, Narendra Modi.
Though it might be seen as a major development or a roadblock to the major convinced population of the country about the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as no longer a party of right-wing fundamentalists.
The Shahi Imam has further irked most nationals and patriots by welcoming an invite to the doorstep of arch-rival Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif following the repeated major ceasefire violations caused by Pakistan in the past couple of months at the Indo-Pak border.The BJP, however has kept mum on this issue and has only left the option of invite open to the cleric himself but also expressing its disappointment at this anti-social gesture by him.
Few leaders have apparently also expressed their disregard and unhappiness over this decision taken by the cleric and have chosen to take this matter to his doorstep only if the party permits them to do so.
However, amidst all this major hue and cry around the country regarding the invite not being extended to him, PM Narendra Modi seems to be least bothered as he might have a pool of political think-tankers at his disposal to use this opportunity to fuel some publicity mileage out of this entire incident.
Few leaders in the opposition have also expressed that, PM Modi shall be least bothered about the invite not been extended to him as it might add pinch of salt on the eyes of Hindu fundamentalist groups, if the invite compels him to attend the ceremony.
People have also taken to social networking sites to express their disappointment and have urged the cleric to re-consider his decision to project a secular feel prevailing in the country. It is also left to be seen as to how other cleric from other major Islamic institutions react to this whole incident.
Now, amidst all this turnaround, its left to be seen as to how PM Modi shall react to this entire incident and would he be bothered about not being invited to the occasion which would have perhaps extended his image as a secular leader.