Adam is being blamed for the birth of Sin, for disobedience, we all are being taught, but this was at the beginning of time. Isn't about time everyone take control of their own lives? Our heavenly Father commands Love. What is it causing You to disobey?

It is time for some Soul searching buried inside under all those illogical nonsense we call the bible. What is the real reason for anyone can look at a little loving child, and abuse or kill it? How can any man look at young girls, women and abuse, rape or kill them? Time is right for a world change, do not ever think one cannot make a difference, we are all one, just need to unite.

I see women walking the street covered from head to toe, supposing to be another man property, but I have never see that owner walking side by side his property, always 3 or 4 yards behind or in front, isn't that degrading and insulting to women, isn't it her life and have choices? All this in the name of religion, denying them the father's fresh air.

The so called lords prayer, lead us not into temptation, but is all those temptations Jesus had and did not take the bait, that made him pure. The only way to the kingdom of god is to over come all temptations and is the way to show love and express God.

The father do not Judge, he does not punish, it is all in the laws of our existence, if you do not show and express love, you are stopping the Father to do his love work in you, his love is to keep you healthy and lead you to a life of abundance, all disease and viruses is created by angry minds.

We all are taught, when you pray, you must have belief and faith, in all your prayers, if you believe in your prayers, it will be answered.

Many pray with bible, many pray from the bible, many believe the bible is the Truth and the word of God, many says the bible is their life.

Now this is a list of the bible content, what you believe in, your belief, your prays, what you are worshiping.

  • Rape

  • Adultery

  • War

  • Women abuse

  • Child abuse

  • Mindless killings

  • Deception

  • Racial abuse

  • Discrimination

  • Hatred.

The list goes on and on, now look around you, all your beliefs and prays are being answered, Jesus says Repent, change your beliefs and your thoughts, went around teaching the truth and laws of our existences, He was crucified by the head of the church.

What does your Church stand for ? What do really believe in? It is certainly not God, Jesus was healing and spreading love, your bible entertaining brutal killing of women and children.

God Bless.