Peace looks unlikely as it has been reported that tens of thousands of people are fleeing from the north of Gaza as Israeli forces get ready to strike Hamas militants.

100,000 local Palestinians in Beit Lahiya received notice from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) that a bombing operation on a large scale will ensue against suspected rocket launch sites within the city. Palestinian civilians have been asked to leave the area or face imminent danger.

The United Nations has reported so far that 17,000 Palestinians have paid attention to the stark IDF warning and are being protected from within UN compounds. This figure seems to keep rising. 

Palestinian militants launched a missile on Friday that landed close to the city of Haifa, demonstrating that Israel is also vulnerable to direct attacks from Gaza. Palestinian rockets are reaching further into Gaza than ever before.

The Health Ministry in Gaza has released figures revealing that the current operation, these latest attacks against Hamas, have resulted in 175 deaths and 1,000 injuries, predominantly civilian.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to CBS, “We’re sorry for any accidental civilian deaths, but it’s the Hamas that bares complete responsibility for such civilian causalities.”

There is no clear end in sight for the strikes. The Israeli Prime Minister said: “We do not know when the operation will end. It might take a long time.”

The current humanitarian crisis in Gaza flared up in June after the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers; Naftali Fraen, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah in Jerusalem on 12 June.

In retaliation attack a Palestinian boy Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped from outside his home in Jerusalem, beaten and forensic evidence suggests that he was burned alive.

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Three arrests have been made following the killing of Mohammed and the three accused have admitted and reenacted the murder for investigators. It is expected that they will plead insanity as form of defense, but as yet their names have not been released.