We wake up today on a very dull and dismal looking Sunday morning to discover that yet another one of our British actors has died. Dave Legeno, world famous for playing the werewolf Fenrir Greyback in the legendary 'Harry Potter' movies, has died at the relatively tender age of 50! The actor was found dead in Death valley in America where he lived.

Hikers who were out walking through Death valley stumbled across the actor's lifeless body and immediately called for help. Despite air ambulance arriving promptly to transfer the actor to hospital, it was sadly far too late! The actor and fighter had already been dead for three to four days according to the autopsy report from the coroners office.

Who knows? Dave Legeno might have still been alive now if the hikers who found his body had been in Death valley on the same day as when the actor collapsed.

Death valley is a notorious place in America and temperatures can reach a massive 120 degrees up there which is where it gets its notorious name from. The actor's biggest mistake was sadly for him to decide to go hiking that day by himself without anyone with him. If only he had been with a friend or two while on the mountain that day, then things could have been very different as there would have been someone with the 'Harry Potter' star to raise the alarm at the time of his collapse. Sadly he chose to go hiking alone in extreme intense heat that was hotter than anyone could have possibly imagined. The hikers who did discover his body were simply too late to be able to do anything to save him.

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There are no known reports at present that the actor had been reported missing.

Dave Legeno also had a well known fighting career but at various points in his life he would always return to acting in one way or another. He has left behind a grown up daughter and  a hoard of adult and childhood 'Harry Potter' fans who will no doubt fondly remember this man and watch him repeatedly on TV screens across the world for many years to come. Dave Legeno may be gone but will certainly never be forgotten and our thoughts go out to his family at this sad and difficult time. #Celebrities #Film