After accusations that a very conservative form of Islam was being taught in some non-faith state schools, British Prime Minister, David Cameron tried to define the British Values that young people should learn. He started with the Rule of Law, tolerance and respect for other people, which are not British values, but universal values. In his next sentence he resorted to fish and chips as a British value. Trying to define British values is extremely difficult, as Mr. Cameron found. The British are a reserved people, who do not often talk about their values, to do so might be viewed as impolite or showing off.

However, here is one list of British values.

The British have a healthy disrespect for politicians and those who rule over them, which goes far back in British history. The British invented the lampoon, a song or poem, usually somewhat obscene, taking the rise out of a politician, a member of the Royal family or a political situation. Many of the nursery rhymes now considered suitable for children actually arose originally from lampoons. The British still take the mickey out of their politicians. British humour is different to that of other countries, it is an ability to find an ironic humour in the most desperate situation. It was this wry way of looking at the world that helped the country through the blitz.

Most British people have a horror of showing off. Boasting is anathema.

The British like good manners. In the United Kingdom, people say please and thank-you often. If you are asking for something in a shop, you always say please and thank-you.

Queuing has an etiquette all its own in the United Kingdom, the British form orderly lines in shops, at 'bus stops, at the post office in fact everywhere and woe betide anyone who tries to push in!

Waiting patiently or impatiently for your turn is very important, in the same vein, those waiting at a 'bus stop when the 'bus arrives or on the train station when the train comes do not rush forward to get on, but wait for those alighting from the 'bus or train to get off first. Consideration for other people's feelings and comfort is another British trait.

There are many British values, but they are not the ones that Mr. Cameron stated, and they can be quite diffuse. The British would never discuss their values anyway, to do so might be construed as preaching and no British person would do that.

How do you define British values?