Yet another horrific Domestic Abuse case is going unpunished for ludicrous reasons. Judge Richard Mansell (remember that name, because after reading this story, you’ll want to track him down) of Manchester Crown Court has let viciously abusive husband Mustafa Bashir (remember that name, too) off scot free.

Bashir forced his wife to drink bleach and hit her with a Cricket bat whilst warning her that if he were to hit her with the bat with his “full power,” then she “would be dead.” He’s not a great guy, to say the least.


He’s actually quite possibly the worst guy, or at least very close. And despite the fact he’s been found guilty of doing all those things to his wife, Judge Mansell has decided not to do anything about it.

This will send a great message to domestic abusers everywhere

Bashir will walk free, so all the abusers out there can rest easy knowing that they can keep getting away with their disgusting, callous, heinous behaviour. Judge Mansell’s given Bashir a suspended sentence of eighteen months, which is pretty much a slap on the wrist.

If Bashir can go a year and a half without beating his wife with a cricket bat or making her drink chemicals, then he will face absolutely no consequences for having already done both of those things.

And how in the name of Jesus Christ could Judge Mansell possibly be okay with Bashir walking free having committed these crimes against his wife, you may ask. Well, it appears that the ignorant, narrow-minded, asinine Judge Mansell believes that because Bashir’s wife is “an intelligent woman with a network of friends” and a university degree, she isn’t vulnerable enough to be a victim of abuse.

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So apparently, just because a woman is smart, educated, and well-liked, she can’t also be vulnerable. But Judge Mansell, everybody is vulnerable! Every single person on the planet is vulnerable! It’s a part of what being human is! How this Mansell guy got to be a judge of anything is completely baffling.

Alison Saunders needs to be taken to task

Judge Mansell is to blame for the verdict, but also guilty is Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecution at the Crown Prosecution Service. She treats domestic abuse cases lightly, and it’s ridiculous.

She needs to be taken to task, shown the horrors of domestic violence, and maybe then she’ll start to take these cases a little more seriously, and not let monsters like Bashir back on the street with a stern warning.

Abusers need more than just a talking-to from bigoted individuals like Judge Mansell. The system ignores these cases, but to be betrayed and abused by a cherished loved one who you trusted is quite possibly the most horrible thing in the world to fall victim to, and judges like Mansell (remember that name) need to understand that.


To remedy this awful situation, a petition has been set up on So, for the love of God, go and sign it so we can begin to clean up this terrible mess. Find the petition here.