On Friday, in a shock decision, Transport for London TfL has decided that Uber's licence won't be renewed. The US-based company gained popularity worldwide with their modern approach and means to promote services. The people who became fans of Uber were attracted by features such as cheaper charges, professional drivers and generous discounts. #Transport for London took the decision to strip Uber of their licence because the American company was considered ''not fit and proper'' to benefit from a private hire licence. And, of course, the controversy caused a huge backlash when the 3.5 million customers from London had to have their say.

Petition raises huge support

When you have a network of customers who prefer your services instead of the normal cab rides, you should expect a vocal reply from the Londoners. And it came, as after 24 hours since the shock decision the petition called #SaveUber raised 570,000 signatures. Although the decision of TfL is based on ''a lack of corporate responsibility'', corporations, large firms and customers who prefer comfort and innovation are backing Uber in the aftermath of what seems to be a huge upset for millions of users and 40,000 licenced drivers. In the first months of 2017, Uber and TfL have been involved in a controversy caused by the need for taxi drivers to take a basic English test.

As Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber's CEO has assured customers that there will be an appeal to the decision, the saga is far from over and there may just be Public demonstrations against the ban of Uber.

However, the 3.5 million customers who dislike the old London black cabs might be forced to go back to basics if the decision stands. Meanwhile, London faces the challenge of being tagged as a city closed to initiative and modernism. In the context of the long and enduring Brexit negotiations, this comes as bad news for a city which could lose investors and private companies in the case of a Hard Brexit.

What is UBER?

For those of you who don't know, you need to forget about the old-fashioned way of calling to get a cab for your trip to that fancy restaurant or that crazy nightclub. Uber is an American company which promotes the benefits of modern technology as everything is done via your mobile phone. You don't have to think about annoying drivers or bad services, as the Uber drivers have ratings based on customers level of satisfaction. Indeed, it is commonly known that some Uber drivers go above and beyond as they work extended shifts. Seen as the most efficient alternative to the traditional taxi companies, this concept is now widespread with a network in over 350 cities worldwide. Discounts, live updates and professionalism, this is how people have rated Uber ever since its appearance in 2012.