Italian prince, Filippo Corsini, 21, was pronounced dead last Monday afternoon due to a collision with a lorry in central London.

The incident 

According to Evening Standard, Corsini was hit by the lorry at 12.40pm, however he was pronounced dead at 1.15pm due to his serious injuries. It was reported that witnesses had seen Corsini being dragged 30 yards across a box junction.

Corsini's sister, Elena Corsini, has shared an Italian article by the website Corriere della Sera about her brother on her Facebook feed, thanking them for the "beautiful article", while many of her friends sympathised with her under the comment section of her Facebook page by leaving her their love and support in Italian.


It was reported that the 42 year old lorry driver, was arrested after suspicion of careless driving arose, and taken into questioning - however, the driver was later released on bail.

This was not the first time a cycle crash has happened in London, as just last week an Italian waitress, Lucia Ciccioli, 32, was killed by a lorry, when cycling around Battersea, south London. Which, yesterday, activists held a protest by laying their bicycles on the ground and laying down while holding up signs saying 'Stop Killing Cyclists', this event happened in the area where she was killed.

Italian Prince crushed to death cycling outside luxury London ... -
Italian Prince crushed to death cycling outside luxury London ... -

Italian Royal Family

The Corsini family have been around since the 12th Century, which makes them one of the oldest families around and also a very historical family. The family is originally from Florence, Italy, but nowadays, the family is spread around the world. In the family tree, Pope Clement XII was also part of this family, according to the Evening Standard, whom ruled from 1730 until his death in 1740.

Metropolitan Police are now searching for information and looking for witnesses whom seen or know anything about the tragic incident involving the young nobleman.


If anyone knows any information, please do not resist to enter in contact with Serious Collision Investigation Unit on 0208 543 5157 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111.


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