Are you struggling to decide which wines to buy for that important night you're hosting and are desperate to impress? Then this is the correct place to be.

Wines can be differentiated by more than colour.

Red wine

Red wines are perfect for cheese nights.The thick viscosity of the Red Wine blends with the creamy texture of the cheese. Red wines also pair fabulously with steak dishes, other red meat dishes and chocolate. It is a bit like coffee. You need to train yourself to like it but then, there is no going back.

Merlot - is probably the easiest red wine to drink and I guarantee that nine-out-of-ten restaurants offer a Merlot.

This wine has easy tasting blackberry and cherry flavours and is perfect for first-time red wine drinkers.

Cabernet Sauvignon - is known to be the 'classy version"' of the Merlot, a bit more oaky and smoky in flavour, so If you're looking to impress the in-laws then a Cabernet is the way to go.

Malbec - If you're looking to blow the mind of a frequent red wine drinker, then a Malbec is perfect if you want it to look like you know what you're talking about. Malbec is a bit harder to drink due to the strong aromas of the wine. This wine is not for the faint-hearted.

White wine

White Wine Is perfect on a warm day, with a dash of lemonade and some ice. This colour of wine goes beautifully with fish dishes and tapas dishes with food like scallops and muscles.

Pinot Grigio - is a very popular and easy drinking white wine with its powerful aromas; fruity and flowery. The Pinot Grigio is a very neutral wine and is easy to drink. If you're unsure on which white to buy, this one is a safe option.

Sauvignon Blanc - This is another easy drinking wine, with a crisp and fresh finish. Less dry than that of a Pinot Grigio meaning it sits neutral in the scale of white wines but is a very good choice and perfect for a spritzer.

Chardonnay - If you're looking to impress the in-laws a chardonnay is the one to go for. Classy and sophisticated, this wine is very golden in colour and has a crisp refreshing taste.

Rosé wine

Rosé wine is the easiest colour of wine to drink, so if you're unsure of what to start out with, a rosé is a great starting point. Rosé wines can be paired with just about everything and is a necessity for all occasions.

White Zinfandel - not to be fooled by the name, this rosé is by far the most popular to drink with its flowery taste and crisp finish. This is a smart option to choose for most occasions.

Pink Moscato - this wine is extremely sweet and fruity. Known as a 'Dessert Wine' the Moscato is perfect for those friends with a sweet-tooth. If you're looking to have a very different variety of wines, this rosé sets the standards high for other wines.

Shiraz-Rosé - another popular choice of rosé, this is a very crisp and dry wine, easy to drink and is perfect for a summer BBQ. With it being of a Shiraz relation, this wine can be enjoyed not only with the sweeter foods but also with steaks and other entrees.

With the basic knowledge of flavours and aromas of wines, choices can be made much easier and perfect matches of wines can be made depending on the occasion you are planning, you will blow your guest's minds! By pairing your wines with foods suitable to the wine's tastes, you will up your hosting skills to five star!