It’s time to undertake a joyful tour among sparkling winesto celebrate New Year’s Eve: a real journey into taste, where friends and relatives can try three different bubbles with various dishes and elect their own favorite. Here follows a selection of “fizzes” for the countdown to the year to come.

Spumante Pignoletto Essè by Fattoria Vallona, Emilia Romagna (12.5%)

The last evening of 2015 starts with Pignoletto. The living room is already buzzing with friends and a merry roar welcomes the long-awaited uncorking of this Italian spumante. Whereas proper etiquette would impose not to pop the cork into the air, exceptions are permitted at some celebrations...

and this evening is probably one of them.

With its bright straw-yellow hue, Pignoletto develops a substantial and intense perlage in the glass. The taste is fruit laden, aromatic, and composed of ripe and lightly-spiced fruits, with evident notes of almond. It holds a respectable body with a dry finish; definitely a Wine by a good consistency.

It pairs wonderfully with canapés or grilled vegetables and light cheeses.

The guests are talking about their own expectations for the forthcoming year. From career progressions to personal relationships, passing through travel ideas or home refurbishments: it is always a pleasure to share New Year’s propositions with friends.

Your cousin Richard is looking persistently at a girl standing by herself at the opposite side of the room: she is Kelly, who has recently moved into the neighborhood.

Will the toasts with Pignoletto give Richard the courage to talk to Kelly?

Spumante Charmat Brut Rive Gauche by Malvirà, Piedmont (12%)

The invitees are now gathered around the table. Sicilian-style tuna carpaccio with a garlicky herb dressing is the first course; such an extraordinary dish deserves a surprising wine: Spumante Charmat Brut Rive Gauche by Malvirà is the appropriate selection.

This spumante has a pale straw-yellow and a fine, lively perlage. It impresses with fragrances of white peach and floral timber, alongside herbal notes. Freshness is another main feature of Charmat Brut Rive Gauche, enhancing the taste of carpaccio.

At the last moment, you have managed to change the table positions - so that Richard is happily sitting next to Kelly.

They are already engaged in a fluent conversation and you can detect some chemistry between them.

Lessini DOC Durello 36 mesi by Marcato, Veneto (12%)

Midnight is approaching. When the clock strikes twelve, a very special bottle will be needed to celebrate: Lessini DOC Durello 36 mesi!

This sparkling wine is gifted with a continuous and strong perlage. Its elaborated and refreshing bouquet leads to scents of wildflowers and white-pulp fruits, composing a profile that is bound to grow even more sophisticated with the refinement in bottle. The palate is fairly balanced between acidity and smoothness, with a dry and long finish.

The New Year opens with a cheerful toast, while all the guests keep praising you for the dinner.

However, you look around and somebody is missing: where are Richard and Kelly...?

This is definitely a very good selection of sparkling wines to celebrate an important occasion (and even to propitiate romance). They are all available for online purchase inside the Bollicine Smart Italian Wine Selection, or even singularly, on Libiamo.