The world has always been a somewhat unstable place due to conflicts between different cultures, but in recent months, things have begun to spiral rapidly towards chaos. And as if to underline it, the Swedish government has issued a leaflet to all 4,8 million homes in the country. It asks citizens to be prepared for war, due to the world's increasing tension. This would be the first time in years, that Sweden has taken such action.

A peaceful nation feeling the rising tension

According to The Guardian, the leaflet is around 20 pages and contains information about how to prepare in the event of war.

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It illustrates pictures of warplanes and frantic families fleeing their homes. Swedes are generally considered a very peaceful nation and have not engaged in war since their victory against Norway some 200 years ago.

However, the nation is well aware of the rising tension in the world and so the government wants to take all necessary action to secure the safety of its people. The leaflet is said to be similar to the one issued in 1943, in the midst of World War II. It advises people how to react to the loss of heating, if water and food are not easily accessible and if electronic devices stop working. In it, it simply says, "What would you do if your everyday life was turned upside down?" It continues by reassuring it's people that Sweden is indeed a very safe country, but "there are still threats to our security and independence."

Increase in military spending

The reversing of Military spending cuts has also been set in motion, with the intention of increasing military expenses over the course of the next five years.

And for the first time in eight years, people from ages 16 to 70 can be expected to be called up for military service in case of war. As it says in the leaflet; "Everyone is obligated to to contribute and everyone is needed for Sweden's "total defense. We will never give up." Sweden is part of NATO, as well as being one of the Nordic countries. They are known for their strong unity through the Nordic Model, as well as being extremely peaceful, according to HuffPost. But that should not be used to undermine their strength.

The leaflet has been translated into English, was published online yesterday, and has since then attracted its share of attention, with some people wondering if this could be a sign of what's to come. Sweden's growing frustration towards Russia may also have influenced the decision to send out this leaflet, the Swedes have accused the Russians of repeatedly infringing on its airspace and territorial waters.