The sites like The Pirate Bay and isoHunt were not only illegal but they also harmed your computer through viruses. These sites were shut down for their pirated content and violations in 2017. Torrent sites are well known for providing free torrent content, free movies, videos, software, games and much free content.

Meanwhile, it is never been easier to watch streaming online movies from your computer or mobile device. It's fun, convenient, and free — but is it legal? Everyone from Indiana Jones to Luke Skywalker agrees -- if you really like their movies, you should pay to watch them. But these days, the web makes paying optional. In addition to these paid options, there are a plethora of subscription-free websites that allow you to stream to your heart’s content.


The Internet Archive

You’ll be surprised to find The Internet Archive sitting at the top of our free movie download websites. It like a goldmine for the fans of movies, music, and books. This list includes the original "Jungle Book," "Farewell to Arms," "Iron Mask," "Night of the Living Dead," "The Brother from Another Planet," etc.


Viewster is a free global Video-on-Demand service with its HQ in Switzerland. It offers a wide selection of anime, web shorts, and movies and can be streamed without sign up on desktop, console and mobile apps. All content on the platform is legally licensed from the content owner.


Crackle started out as an online video site called Grouper before being acquired by Sony. Rebranded as Crackle, it is now one of the most popular free video streaming sites.


If you are a fan of older sitcoms, you will find a variety of classic television shows including "All in the Family" and "Who’s the Boss."


While Vudu is best known for its digital video rentals and sales, the Vudu Movies on US section makes it one of the best free movie streaming sites. With a comprehensive array of movies such as "Bull Durham," "Showgirls," and "Return of the Living Dead," it’s a fantastic service.


A venture by Screen Media, PopcornFlix is one of the most preferred streaming sites for watching Movies. The reason being its wide collection of media content which is gathered from the various Public domain as well as having original content.


Crunchyroll is a legal anime website which generally offers paid premium plans but there is also an option to watch thousands of episodes for free without a membership.


The only catch is that they come with commercials which is usually three ad breaks per episode and at a video quality of 480p.