Big plans are afoot for Disney, as they prepare to become a competitor in the popular streaming service game. Disney has already removed any trace of its movies from Netflix, in preparation for their new service.

Bob Iger, the company’s chairman, and CEO is calling the new streaming service their “biggest priority” for 2019. However, they Disney will be mostly relying on its own films for the service to work.

Variety reports that Disney wants to compete with Hulu and Netflix while launching the streaming service in 2019, featuring the popular Marvel, Disney and “Star Wars” films and TV shows.


Plans for Disney’s streaming service

Despite reports in the media, Iger says the company won’t pull all the existing Disney and Fox movies from Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services. This is good news for fans of “Once Upon a Time,” Marvel’s “Runaways” “The Gifted” and others. For the time being anyway.

Giving a name of Disney Play for their new service, apparently, it will come cheaper than Netflix, as they won’t have anywhere near the same amount of original content.


However, they are counting on their exclusive products, including Pixar, Marvel and “Star Wars” to attract interest in their new service. Iger explained that Disney has the luxury of programming Disney Play with all their brands, which will obviously create a demand for fans. He says that while they will not stream the same volume as the other services, theirs will be a quality service.

Working on shows and movies to stream on Disney Play

Iger says they are still working on developing the service, but so far they will have exclusive movies like “Sword in the Stone,” along with five original TV shows which are currently being planned.

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Admitting they don’t want to walk before they run, on top of the movie content there will also be the live-action Marvel and “Star Wars” products.

Some content is already being pulled from Netflix for the new streaming service, including Disney films and “The Lion King,” “Captain Marvel,” “Frozen 2,” "Wall-E" and others will all be streamed exclusively by Disney Play.

The company is also working to restore their “Star Wars” broadcasting rights after they made a deal in 2016 with Turner for TV and online broadcasting rights up to and including 2024.

Investors sceptical about Disney Play

Investors are showing scepticism over Disney’s new move saying the exclusive content may not justify viewers spending money to watch it. Gizmodo reports that one analyst said Disney Play would need around 40 million subscribers, each paying $6 (£4.66) to merely break even.


While there is no mention in the reports as to whether UK viewers will able to subscribe to Disney Play, as with Netflix, no doubt this will be available. The critically-acclaimed Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale" made it to Channel 4, so there is definitely hope.

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