The Gaming community for "Overwatch" has done it again. Ahead of its scheduled launch, a Taiwanese "Overwatch" fan posted on what could seemingly the new skin that the developers have been teasing to the fans. There is no confirmation yet from Blizzard Entertainment about its authenticity, but gamers believe that this is the surprise that they’ve been waiting for.

Leaked images still available on Facebook

The images were leaked in social media and the reddit post confirmed its details.

Several gamers saw the new skins which was uploaded and until now, the past is not yet deleted. There are questions about how he got access, but we don’t have the answers yet.


This isn’t the first time that it has happened in the history of the game. However, this could be the biggest leak since we are not talking about a particular character only in the game but the whole roster.

Thanks to Reddit user GregoriousDaneli, we were able to get the translation of the new skin for "Overwatch". We have Sherlock McCree, Bit-Rate Lucio, Stealth Bastion, Dryad Orisa, Bio Torb, Pirate Junkart, Formal Wear Doomfist, Magician Symmetra, Shield Maiden Brigitte and Venom Soldier: 76. These translations are not official so don’t be confused when Blizzard Entertainment [VIDEO] releases the legitimate list. The gaming community is actually divided with the recent blunder that happened as they felt that they are cheating on the game itself.

List of new skins

The new skins are scheduled to be released between May 22 to June 11 [VIDEO], which is part of their annual festivities.


Since it was prematurely shared already to the public, the coordinators of the event and Blizzard Entertainment are now facing a dilemma. However, this shouldn't cause any panic for the fans. During their first anniversary, "Overwatch" provided multiple surprises which triggered their popularity in the community. This year, they are planning to release a Deathmatch map which will also be playable during the event.

"Overwatch" is on the way to having 40 million players. It might sound a huge achievement, but that is not the case. It was October last year when they hit 35 million players and after six months, they only had an increase of five million players. This is not considered a failure from Blizzard Entertainment but a challenge to recruit more players. With the sudden rise of new games like "Fortnite", "PlayerUnknownsBattleGround"(PUBG) and "Rules of Survival", the developers need to embrace the competition and look for crazy ideas on how they can get back to the top of the mountain.