Blizzard’s popular shooter, “Overwatch,” is celebrating its anniversary with a special event. This event is available between 22nd May and 11th June for PC, PlayStation 4 [VIDEO] and Xbox One players.

50 new ‘Overwatch’ items

The event also brings with it plenty of new cosmetic items and a new map. This event will also bring back all of the previous seasonal cosmetic items and past seasonal brawl items. These will rotate to a different set each day.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Overwatch” yet, then there is a brand new digital Legendary Edition that includes five of Origin, Epic, and Legendary skins. The PC versions of the digital editions of “Overwatch” are also available at a reduced price until 8:00 am on the 5th June 2018.


  • “Overwatch: Standard Edition” - £16.99
  • “Overwatch: Legendary Edition” - £29.99

Non-PC players can still take advantage of an introductory offer on the “Overwatch: Legendary Edition” which is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in both retail and their respective console stores. Participating retailers will have the Game of the Year edition at a reduced promotional price.

Overwatch” was originally released back in May 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One [VIDEO]. It was met with fantastic critically praise and won several Game of the Year awards. It has since gone on to become an esport sensation with major tournaments throughout the year.

Original ‘Overwatch’ heroes

The game launched with the cast of 21 characters but has since seen a further six released for free. Once a player has bought the game, they can then access all of the content within “Overwatch,” including any new updates and characters, for free.


However, there are loot boxes that can be purchased with real-world money that give players the chance to receive rare and legendary items and skins for their characters to use in battle.

Loot boxes have been investigated to see whether they are a form of unlicensed gambling. Many countries have looked into this and come to different outcomes. Belgium and the Netherlands, for example, both declared that loot boxes were a form of gambling and are illegal. This decision affects more games than just “Overwatch” and arose from the controversy caused by “Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s” take on a loot box economy.

Each year “Overwatch” holds many events for players to enjoy. This latest one celebrates its birthday by giving players access to items both new and old, as well as a new map to compete on. This event runs between 22nd May and 11th June.