There is a lot of narrative that is being discussed in the “Dragon Ball community” right now. Will TOEI Animation and Akira Toriyama create a sequel to "Dragon Ball Super"? Will they produce a special or miniseries for Jiren The Gray and the Pride Troopers? Is there another level that The Saiyans can go to? Is Goku really the strongest in the multiverse? Lastly, will Broly be back in the near future?

Among those interesting topics, Bardock’s legacy still mystifies legions of fans. We all know that he is the father of Goku.


He is tagged as part of the very first Saiyan in their lineage (although there’s some debate about that). A great fighter, but a better leader. All those things are nothing compared to the time when he was crowned as the king.

King Vegeta's nemesis

King Vegeta has been the ruler of their planet for the longest time. Everybody, including Bardock, respect and honour him as he is the rightful king. King Vegeta can be ruthless, but this is just his method of protecting the Saiyan race. He is far beyond his time, which makes him step higher than the rest of the Saiyans.

However, he tends to be stubborn.

One particular event Bardock had a vision about Frieza and his army conquering their planet. Bardock tried to convince the king and the entire planet, but they all laughed at him. In his lifetime, Bardock has been treated as a nobody or even a fool. That changed when Bardock took matters into his own hands. He was disturbed by his vision that the only way to convince the king is to fight him. Again, they all mocked Bardock since nobody really saw what he’s capable of.


Rise of Bardock

Then everything changed when he annihilated King Vegeta with a series of moves. The fight didn’t really last long and Bardock snatched King Vegeta’s crown proclaiming himself as the new king. Yes, a lot of Saiyans challenged him after the fight, but he was given one week of “rest” before engaging in another fight. Then Bardock’s vision came true as Frieza and him force ascends from the sky. Each Saiyan in the planet transformed into Ozaru (Great Ape) and started attacking Lord Frieza’s fleet.

Frieza was warned by his confidant but didn’t take the warning seriously, which ultimately led to his defeat.

However, some of the fans think that there's far more story that can be created when Bardock was hailed as the king. They were opting for Bardock to at least get in touch or have his family and proclaim Goku as the Saiyan Prince.