TOEI Animation made it clear that their main priority is still the "Dragon Ball Movie" which is scheduled to be released this December. However, out of nowhere, news in various Japanese magazines surfaced about another anime of the franchise. "Dragon Ball Heroes" is an arcade game which is a big hit and probably the reason why they decided to make an anime adaptation of it.

Bandai and TOEI Animation

First things first, "Dragon Ball Heroes" is not a sequel to "Dragon Ball Super". The misconception that it created after the announcement not only confused the fans but made them irate at any point.


Also, the timeline being presented in the latest update is far different from DBS. Basing on the post by Yonkou Production, the new anime is for “promotional” use only. With that said, DBH Anime might be only available in Japan, same with the game.

Bandai owns the rights to DBH and territory is everything to them. This is not the first time that the idea was brought up by the company to have an adaptation of their game. Since it will eventually happen in July, the lingering question right now is whether or not it will be taken over by TOEI Animation. Honestly, nobody has the answer right now since their main goal is to finish or promote "Dragon Ball Movie".

Vegito, Gogeta and Gohanks

"Dragon Ball Heroes" does have a lot of characters where creating a storyline will not be a problem for them. This might not have the same timeline like DBS but it will surely have answered the question about the difference between "Super Saiyan 4", "Super Saiyan God" and "Super Saiyan Blue". To end the debate, "Super Saiyan Blue" or Kaioken is a lot stronger than "Super Saiyan 4". The SS4 form might look more intimidating than "Super Saiyan Blue" but that’s all the edge that it has.


"Dragon Ball Heroes" is also the home of multiple fusions.

Now, this is the most exciting part about DBH. Multiple fusion means multiple new characters. Vegito is probably the most sought out fusion that fans know and was often requested to make an appearance in DBS. Gogeta and Gohanks haven’t had the same recognition or spotlight, but they will surely make an appearance. Gohanks is the fusion between Gohan and Trunks, not Goku and Trunks .

Revival of the Demon Realm

"Dragon Ball Heroes" will revolve around two major arcs, The “Universe Survival” and “Prison Planet”.

“Universe Survival” arc is not the same with the “Tournament of Power”. While “Prison Planet” will have some adaptation from Xenoverse. The heir of the “Demon Realm”, Fu, will play a big part and will continue his mission in trying to revive their lost empire.