After a few weeks of out of action due to a breast augmentation, Alexa Bliss will be out again because of a shoulder injury. Bliss sustained it yesterday at Backlash in the hands of Nia Jax and was seen visibly devastated by it. It is still not clear how she got the injury, but numerous fans suspect that it happened when Nia Jax threw her to the mat from the top rope.

Alexa Bliss's shoulder injury

This is a bad sign not only to Alexa Bliss but to WWE as a whole. There are many talents right now in the company, but she is on top of the mountain in the women’s division. Alexa Bliss is now considered as one of the greatest heels in the WWE’s history [VIDEO] and her out means somebody needs to step up.

There was an argument before about her talent but nobody can deny that right now. Yes, she is small and doesn’t have any intimidating factor, but she gets the job done. Bliss is living proof that anybody can excel in the WWE regardless of their physique. Alexa is not just a pretty face. The resemblance of her and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is uncanny. However, among those talents and skills that she has, her mic skills is probably her strongest weapon.

Going back to her shoulder injury, as WWE posted on their account, they are still checking further medical evaluation. According to a respected wrestling website, it appears that Alexa might have a rotator cuff or a SLAP tear. If this is correct, then Bliss might miss a certain amount of time. Usually, recovery takes 4-6 months and it is advisable to wear a sling after the surgery.

Bliss out, Rouse in

However, there are rumours that this is all staged as she needs more time to heal from the boob job [VIDEO]. Several pics have been posted all over the internet and it clearly shows that Bliss is in pain from the injury. There’s a candid shot where she was crying about it at the same time devastated by the loss. With the emergence of former UFC Women’s Champion and current RAW Superstar Ronda Rousey, Bliss is now out of the mix.

As revealed by Wrestling Insider, WWE has big plans with Rousey. Her very first match didn’t only wow the crowd, but also the high officials in the company. WWE Hall of Famers and legends believe that she had the best debut match of all time. Right now, she is tentatively booked by the producers, same thing that they do with Brock Lesnar. It's only a matter time until WWE pulls the trigger and If that happens, WWE Universe might have witnessed the final run of Alexa Bliss as the cream of the crop.