Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 English subbed (subtitles) preview details: - Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 preview in English subbed will be provided here. Before checking Dragon Ball Super 80th Episode preview, let's see the details of this Animation series. It was the latest series from the famous Dragon Ball Animation cartoon which is more liked by the kids. Currently, the series is being telecasted in Japan on the Fuji Tv at 9 a.m to 9:30 a.m on every Sunday.

In Episode 79, Majin Buu battles with Basil, the game starts with initial punches from the Basil to Buu and there after the battle goes interesting in the middle with good laughs and conversation from the team members, finally, Majin Buu wins over the Basil in the end with a superb punch and Goku is happen on seeing their team member won in this round.


After the superb 79th episode of Buu vs Basil, the 80th Episode turns more interesting as Goku's son Gohan is going to battle the wolf, Lavender in this exclusive Episode which is going to be telecasted this Sunday. check the preview of it in English subtitles below.

February 26th, 2017 Episode preview

Fans are curious over Episode 80

It was highlighted in the preview that Episode 80 is going to be a tough fight between Goku's son Gohan and the wolf, Lavender. Gohan was seen losing his eyes when Lavender attacked with a poison, So now the Episode turns interesting as everyone is eagerly waiting to know who is going to win in this Battle as Gohan was the son of the lead character Goku in this animation series.

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Will the Goku's son make a miracle by winning the match despite losing his eyes? or else he will be defeated in the hands of Lavender? these are the primary questions for the fans of this kid's series in this Episode.

On the other hand, some are predicting that Gohan is going to give a tough fight to Lavender despite his eyes were hurt and the match is going to result in a draw.

Finally, we need to wait until February 26Th, 2017 to know what is going to happen in this Super Episode.